• Download@@?> RYAN'S RULES: Harlequin Comics, @@FrEE Books®

    Download@@?> RYAN'S RULES: Harlequin Comics, @@FrEE Books®

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    Kirrily is a young actress. When her late brother’s best friend, Ryan, needs help at his company, she jumps at the opportunity to help the first man she ever fell in love with and winds up living with him, too. He may be twelve years older than her, but that doesn’t mean he has to treat her like a little kid anymore! All grown up now, Kirrily sees her chance to show Ryan just how charming she’s become. She’ll have him swooning for her in no time! But even without her trying, Ryan’s already well aware that she’s become a beautiful bombshell, and fifteen years of repressed sexual desire is finally bubbling to the surface during their long visit. Will she finally have a chance with her first love?


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